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Leadership Team - John Hollis

John Hollis
John has been involved in the financial services industry for over 20 years. He is the co-founder and a principal member of Ohio-based College Planning Network – the nation's largest and most reputable college admissions & financial aid servicing centers. John co-authored the book “The Real Secret To Paying For College. The Insider’s Guide To Sending Your Child To College – Without Spending Your Life’s Savings”. John speaks at various schools, libraries, churches, Adult & Community Education programs and is known throughout the community as an expert in ‘late stage’ college planning. He was also featured on WDOK's "Cleveland Connection" with host, Jim McIntyre. John helps train and teach over 300 College Funding Advisors across the nation and was ranked as one of the top 10 college funding advisors in the country.

John resides in Highland Heights, Ohio with his wife and five children. He enjoys playing golf, coaching various sports and spending time with his family. Also, John is very active in charities that include Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, Ronald McDonald, the YMCA, and the American Cancer Society.

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