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CASH College Funding (CASH)
CASH is the marketing and recruitment arm of Lifetime Financial Alliance. CASH’s primary role is to identify advisors and financial planners in communities who want to provide local families with confidence and certainty as they arrive at life's most important financial milestones so that they don't take unnecessary risks. CASH provides these advisors with the tools, software, and marketing systems to help them run their own independent college funding practices. Most of these advisors have a background (and are currently active) in the field(s) of financial services, accounting and/or mortgage lending.

National Association of College Funding Advisors (NACFA)
NACFA trains advisors and financial planners on how to provide families with confidence and certainty as they arrive at life's most important financial milestones so that they don't take unnecessary risks. Throughout the years, NACFA has developed proprietary college funding strategies that have helped thousands of families pay for college without going broke in the process. NACFA - and its team of trained advisors – delivers the highest caliber of knowledge and service to college-bound families. NACFA Advisors help parents design plans to get all of their children through college in a comfortable manner while still funding their lifestyle and retirement cash flow needs.

NACFA also runs the official training program for the ‘Bank On Yourself’ (B.O.Y.) concept. This concept is based on the Wall Street Journal Bestselling book, “Bank on Yourself” by Pamela Yellen. NACFA’s trained B.O.Y. Advisors help thousands of clients throughout the country design long-term plans that seek to recapture all of the interest and finance charges they now currently pay to banks and other financial institutions and do so on a ‘guaranteed’ basis.

College Planning Network (CPN)
CPN is a family’s single source for college admissions and financial aid planning. CPN has saved parents millions of dollars and thousands of hours by helping them navigate the college admissions and financial aid process so their children can attend the college of their choice without going broke in the process. CPN helps families prepare for college, determine which college to attend, design plans to pay for college & prepare them for other important financial milestones.

CPN is a proud member of The Better Business Bureau, The National Association for College Admissions Counseling, The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and The Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education.


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